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TubeXS caters to an amateur community. So make sure you own what you are about to upload. We are very very strict when it comes to copyright violations. We will terminate your account and hold back all outstanding payments to you with no questions asked.

Amateurs: If you did not create it yourself then go out grab a camera and start making some!

Affiliates: Make ensure you have full authorization from the program you are promoting before posting their content. We do not approve any content without prior consent.

Studios: Send mail us DVDs and we will be more then glad to encode it and place it online for you. Please ensure you include a copy of a license or some type of ownership documents. Without it your DVDs will be discarded. Please send all packages to: 1433965 Ontario Inc, 1 Delta Park Blvd., Unit 13, Brampton, Ontario, L6T5G1.

If You Want to Upload Professional Content:
1. Register for an TubeXS account.
2. Enroll in an affiliate program which offers you content (
3. Grab content from that affiliate program.
4. Upload the free content.
*Filming your own content provides better revenue generation however using an affiliate programs covers you from any legal problems. Since many affiliate programs offer free content you can be sure you won’t have any trouble and at the same time make some money.
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Delay in video processing:
Once you have uploaded your video(s) there can be a 2-3 day delay before videos will become visible on the website. This will give time for the content to be converted to FLV format and reviewed by our Quality Assurance team.